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Women should focus on body composition progress rather than the number on the scale.

As many of my clients know, I do not care about the number on the scale. I do not care with myself and if my client does not have a strict body weight that they need to be for a weight class or competition then I do not care about theirs either! With most clients I use their daily body weight as a means to measure where they are at with their energy balance.


If they gain weight too fast then I know to lower total caloric intake, if losing too fast then I increase calories. But why do women often have issues losing WEIGHT but still see great improvements to body composition? Women retain muscle mass better than men when in a caloric deficit, so when women are losing weight they are more likely to keep their muscle mass when compared to men. When most female clients start with me I dramatically increase their protein intake that they were having before, therefore increasing muscle protein synthesis. Add resistance training into the picture and now we have a perfect environment for muscle gain! WHICH IS AMAZING! But often female clients can be discouraged by the lack of weight drop thinking that is the only measure of progress.


Look at your photos! Clients who focus a lot on the scale, do you really care about the number on the scale OR are you trying to get to that body weight because you have a picture in your head of what you will look like at that weight? If the latter, then you actually only care about body composition improvements. Being lighter does not make you healthy, having lower body fat %, increased muscle mass, improved strength, endurance, active lifestyle, eating a healthy and balanced diet, all these things make you healthy. Focus your attention on what really matters, your health.
By: Hybrid Nutrition coach @greg.sut

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