November Hybrid Staff Reads

Hybrid Performance Method


Ian Kaplan COO–  9 Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World

This book really challenged my assumptions about the raw materials that go into excellent work. Culture, Planning, Well-roundedness, Potential, work-life balance, and Leadership are all immeasurable abstractions that are impossible to measure and unhelpful to emphasis. The authors suggest that the highest performing organizations don’t see themselves as centralized planning and control structures, but as a group of dispersed, capable and highly adaptable small teams.

People get hired by companies but work for teams- if we parse that out, we find several truths to replace the 9 lies exposed. Underlying these truths are ideas that resonate with me. Namely, subjective impressions of the people we work closest with are more reliable and valuable than tools measure performance and potential. Teams thrive when they understand and play to the unique strengths of its members, and conformity and control kill the joy in work. This book exposes some of the absurdity baked into the so-called conventional wisdom that permeates human resource departments throughout the working world

Simon Chang Nutrition coachFat Loss Forever by Layne Norton 

The best book I’ve read on fat loss in terms of science. 

Simon Chang Nutrition coachElon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future 

This goes into a lot of details of the behind the scenes work of Tesla, Space, and It really shows how he thinks about business and how he’s changing the world. 

Hillary Ervin Nutrition CoachMindset by Carol Dweck

This book discusses how our mindset (growth or fixed) shapes our lives and it teaches us how to have more of a growth mindset.

Hillary Ervin Nutrition Coach- Deep Work by Cal Newport

This book talks about how to focus on cognitively demanding tasks by building the skill and bringing awareness to your routine so you can produce better results is less time. . 

Vanessa Zingaro Nutrition Coach- Grit by Angela Duckworth 

The secret to success and outstanding achievement isn’t talent, but passionate perseverance.

Hayden Bowe – Co-Owner of Hybrid – Unlabel by Marc Echō

This book is all about making the distinction between a label and a brand. You are a brand, a label is something given to you by others that you don’t always have full control over. Optimizing your role and creating a power brand means being able to create over and over again. 

One quote I love from this book is “If you’re going to build a unique voice, this process is going to be painful, it’s going to be dangerous, and someone, somewhere, is going to hate you for it”. What I take from this is to not be discouraged by “haters” and naysayers every opinion and idea has an opposing opinion & idea. Just as you feel passionate about yours, some will feel passionately against it, you have to be willing to put yourself out there, received negative responses and continue to stand for what you want your brand’s meaning and values to be.


Ian Kaplan COO- Making sense with Sam Harris #168- Mind, Space, and Motion with Barbara Tversky

Ian Kaplan COO Level Up Initiative Episode 24- 20 Years in Practice… Has Anything Really Changed? with Greg Lehman


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